Buy It For Life Tips

A guide to durable products.

About Us

A manifesto for people tired of buying things more than once

This is a manifesto for people who are tired of buying things over and over. Companies design products with planned obsolescence in mind. Products that fail, or become obsolete so you have to constantly buy new ones. We all have things handed down to us from our parents, our grandparents or their parents. Our generation is different. What will outlast us?

There's a race to the bottom in terms of durability and quality these days. Durable and long lasting have given way to cheap and replacable.

More and more people are tired of the replacement carousel. A new generation has emerged. Our money doesn't stretch as far as it used to. We're more concerned about the waste that buying new things makes. We're tired of being treated like a consumer. We just want our things to work.

The philosophy behind Buy It For Life Tips is simple. We want things that last. We want our products to outlast us. We recommend products that we believe are pratical, durable and will last. Our ears perk up when we hear about lifetime warrantees.

Take a look at the durable products we recommend. We hope we help you. Have questions or have a suggestion? Let's talk.