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Buy It For Life Can Opener

Browne Foodservice Swing a Way Manual Can Opener

It's a can opener. Everyone needs one. This one doesn't have many moving parts, a motor or other parts to break.

Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener

The OXO smooth edge can opener is the can-opener rethought. The soft handles provide leverage and the knob is easy to turn, requiring less force than most can openers. This opener cuts on the side of the can, below the edge, making a clean cut with no sharp edges ...

Kuhn Rikon Auto Safety Lid Lifter

These openers are a different kind of can opener. They don't cut the lid, so there's no blade to sharpen, instead the opener works 'sideways' by separating the can from the lid where it's connected. Say goodbye to sharp corners.

P-38 Can Opener

This can opener will never die. Keep one on your key chain and use it for all kinds of actions, like scraping, an emergency screwdriver or to pry things. It may even stop bullets.