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A guide to durable products.

Buy It For Life Measuring Cups

Either stainless steel cups, or a Pyrex measuring cup is your best bet. Pyrex has changed their formula for glasses recently. The makeup of the glass was changed so it's less resistant to rapid heat change and more resistant to shattering by dropping. In other words, if you're someone who drops your measuring cups a lot, then you might want to get a newer Pyrex measuring cup. If you're someone who often pours hot liquid into a cold cup, you may want to try to find a vintage measuring cup.

Pyrex Measuring Cup

Pyrex has been making glassware products since 1915. Chances are, your parents, even their parents have used a Pyrex product. Chances are, they still have the original product. This measuring cup is easy to read, sturdy and has an easy to grab handle. This cup is great because it's affordable, ...